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Deciding what to wear for engagement photos can feel like a daunting task, but it certainly doesn’t have to be! Friend, I have a few words of advice for you that will hopefully leave you feeling better about your outfits, or at least narrow down the options.

A couple smiling on a couch in a studio
formal outfits for engagement photos

You should feel like YOU!

If wearing a dress makes you feel like you are in someone else’s clothes, keep on looking because the genuine smiles and laughs happen when you feel comfortable! Try on a few different styles (skirt, dress, jumpsuit, etc.) and see which one or two gives you a boost of confidence!

formal outfits for engagement photos | a couple laughing together
a couple kissing

Get fancy!

This is a time to celebrate! You only get engaged once, so splurge a little on yourself, put those high heels on that have been sitting in the back of your closet just waiting to be worn, and SHINE. I always recommend having at least one “fancy”outfit. For women, this looks like a floor length dress or skirt, or a formal jumpsuit. For men, this looks like a suit, or khakis with a sports coat.

Hey ladies! Here are a few recommendations:
Baltic Born, Anthropologie, Petal and Pup

formal outfits for engagement photos

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formal outfits for engagement photos | a couple laughs together
formal outfits for engagement photos | a couple hugs and holds hands

Ladies first

When searching for what to wear for engagement photos, of course you want to coordinate with your fiancé; this is a much easier process when the lady finds her outfit first! Men have fewer options, so it’s easier to find harmonizing pieces. *Notice I did not say match 😉

formal outfits for engagement photos | a couple laughs together
formal outfits for engagement photos | a couple smiles together with beautiful flowers
a couple smiles together and hugs

Patterns, solids, neutral, or bold?

Let’s get right to it- there is such a thing as too many patterns! If a patterned/textured piece has stolen your heart, pair it with a solid! This creates a pleasing look, rather than overwhelming and distracting.

Also keep in mind that neon colors will reflect onto your skin! I encourage my couples to choose outfits that are neutral or pastel in color. If you want to go bold, choose a color that is natural to your skin tone (notice the beautiful magenta undertones in the couples’ faces that allow this dress to work stunningly). No one wants to look like a neon sign!

a couple toast with champagne during their engagement session
formal outfits for engagement photos | a couple laughs together

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I hope these few tips/tricks were helpful!

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