Pops of spring colors, gorgeous blooms, and hearts of gratitude- this Hotel Drover wedding was nothing short of a celebration for two of the sweetest people. Their love for each other was evident as they said “I DO” and danced the night away!

Hotel Drover Wedding | Brooke & Chad

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Step into a styled shoot that beautifully captures every moment of a love story, from meeting at the elegant Hotel 1928 to a romantic first date at Bertie’s on the Rooftop. The story then takes us to a breathtaking rooftop proposal, followed by an engagement session in the Hotel’s library. Finally, it culminates in a glorious wedding celebration held in the stunning ballroom, where love and elegance intertwine to create a truly unforgettable experience. I’ll let the photos do most of the talking…


We believe in the beauty of simplicity, in capturing the raw and untamed moments that unfold naturally. Our aim is to unveil the truth of your love story, with all its exquisite imperfections, showcasing the unguarded glances, the tender touches, and the tears of unspoken joy. Our motive is what sets us apart - a passion to love and serve you, ensuring that your journey towards marriage is filled with joy, ease, and a deep sense of tranquility.

Beyond the art we create, our deepest desire is for you to experience the love of Jesus, to feel a sense of peace that transcends the whirlwind of wedding preparations. We cherish the moments we spend together, as each encounter becomes an intimate connection infused with kindness and grace


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Remind yourselves to be present, to embrace the tenderness, laughter, and even the occasional tears that dance in the air. We are here, ready to listen, ready to capture, and ready to celebrate the uniqueness that is your story. Let’s dream together!

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